Bird Banding at Sylvan Dale Ranch

with Scott Rashid

These workshops will consist of catching birds in a series of nets at Sylvan Dale Ranch, processing them for data collection, and then releasing the birds back into the wild! The birds are caught by stretching a net between two poles close to a bird feeder. As the birds move around the feeder, they are captured, banded with a U.S. Geological aluminum leg band, measured, aged and sexed then released.


While the banding is going on, Scott will share everything he knows about birds and bird banding. Participants will learn why researchers band birds, how they are recovered, where birds migrate to and from, and much more! 


Participants will be able to hold the birds prior to releasing them unharmed!


Location & Cost

(Same for Each Event)


Sylvan Dale Ranch

2939 N. County Rd. 31D
 Loveland, CO 80538

(Meet at the Hilltop Parking Lot)


Cost: $5.00 


2019 DATES:

The following Sundays​:

  • April 28, 5PM - 6:30PM

  • June 9, 5PM - 6:30PM

  • June 23, 5PM - 6:30PM

  • July 7, 5PM - 6:30PM

  • July 21, 5PM - 6:30PM

Instructor:  Scott Rashid has been painting, illustrating and writing about birds since 1989.  Scott received his state and federal banding permits, and in 1998 he was asked to create a bird banding program at the YMCA of the Rockies just south of Estes Park, Colorado. Scott is one of only three bird banders in Colorado licensed to band Hummingbirds.  Results from Scott's bird research has been published in several books, magazines and scientific journals. His first Book, Small Mountain Owls, was published in 2009.  In 2011, Scott created the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute; or CARRI, in Estes Park Members of the nonprofit, rehabilitate injured birds found in and around Estes Park, and research birds in and around RMNP, Estes Park as well as the front range of Colorado. 

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