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August 2021

Heart-J Stories: Find Your Horizon

Find Your Horizon by Terry Burton, Heart-J Center Strategy and Communications Manager I’ve encountered the word “horizonless” several times lately. It speaks to the experience so many have had in this 18 month-long and counting pandemic. For me, it captures that uneasy feeling of not being able to see what’s coming -- even in the short term. It’s like we’ve lost...

April 2021

Heart-J Stories: The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows by Terry Burton, Heart-J Center Strategy and Communications Manager I know you just started reading this, but I want you to stop. Stop, and take a moment to notice what you smell. For example, before I sat down to write, I opened the refrigerator and smelled something -- I’m not sure what -- but it didn’t smell bad,...

September 2020

Heart-J Stories: Cash’s Corner

Cash's Corner: Adventures at Sylvan Dale Ranch Join 7-year-old Cash Binkley as he explores Sylvan Dale with his dad, Silas, aka Heart-J Center's Education Program Manager. These videos are fun, informative, often hilarious, and they'll give you some vicarious adventure as Cash hikes and splashes and puts his curiosity for the natural world to work. Please leave a comment for Cash....

August 2020

Heart-J Stories: The Sicklers

A Guest Ranch is Born: The Sicklers In early June 1946, Maurice and Tillie Jessup arrived at Sylvan Dale, with 5-year-old David and 2-year-old Susan in tow. They’d purchased 125 acres along the Big Thompson River with the dream of started a children’s summer camp, but the summer of '46 brought the polio epidemic and summer camps across the country...