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Photo by David Neils at Sylvan Dale

Planting Chokecherry and Wild Plum for Black Bears

April 6, 2019

8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Sylvan Dale Ranch, Loveland

We have met our goal for the tree planting crew. Thank you to all who have signed up to be part of this fun day! 

If you are interested in being notified of future habitat restoration days and/or wildlife programs, please send an email to


Thank You to Seedling Sponsors!

A huge thanks to the generous donors who made it possible to purchase 1,000 chokecherry and wild plum seedlings. And thanks to the Colorado State Forest Service for providing the seedlings at a reduced charge to help the habitat improvement effort!














UPDATE from David Neils on March 4

This is where we'll be planting 600 chokecherry and 400 wild plum seedlings on April 6th. 

I'm sure this is one of the bears we'll be helping out!


Thanks to everyone who signed up to help with numerous tasks that day AND for those who also helped raise the funds to purchase the seedlings. We now have over 40 people showing up on April 6th. I'll be sending out a message by Wednesday to everyone who signed up as well as those who provided funding.


The next tasks are:

1. Identify areas to plant. I already have several places in mind. We'll be looking for places where subsurface water comes to the surface most of the year, ensuring plenty of moisture for these plants.

2. Finding tools and buckets for planting. We'll need to keep the seedlings wet right up until planting. They will be sitting in a gel that will keep the roots wet for a few weeks after planting.

3. If possible, I'd like to get a dozen chokecherry and a dozen wild plum plants to put in the ground before April 6th, ensuring we haven't missed any critical steps before the big day. Send me an email if you have time to go planting with me ahead of April 6th.

4. Here are a few additional items we'll need help for April 6th:

A. Portable handheld radios for each planting crew (like the Motorola TalkAbout radios)
B. Drinking Water Containers - To refill personal water bottles
C. Large First Aid Kit and Team for handling any injuries
D. Energy bars, bananas, apples, etc. 
E. Notetaker for each planting crew, documenting which plants were planted and how many.

5. CBS Channel 4 plans to be there to cover it. I'm also planning on four additional photographers, with tripods, to capture images AND video. I prefer more video over images.

If you'd like to help with any of these additional items, please send me an email.

There are few things in life that bring me more joy than projects like this, where people come together, roll their sleeves up past their armpits and apply some serious elbow grease for wildlife. Thanks to all who have signed up and for those who still want to help.

This project will make a difference for decades to come! Thank you on behalf of the bears and many other animals that will benefit. The response has been incredible. I can BEARLY contain myself.



David Neils

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