Heart-J Stories: Find Your Horizon

Find Your Horizon
by Terry Burton, Heart-J Center Strategy and Communications Manager

I’ve encountered the word “horizonless” several times lately. It speaks to the experience so many have had in this 18 month-long and counting pandemic. For me, it captures that uneasy feeling of not being able to see what’s coming -- even in the short term. It’s like we’ve lost our grounding and connection to the world.

Yeah, we all know that everything around us is part of an interconnected whole. But that’s a pretty abstract idea to wrap your arms around, and how do you make that abstraction personally relevant? Let’s bring our focus way down: by getting to know a specific place, we can heal, reconnect, and find a new perspective. It can help give us a horizon.

Because Heart-J Center builds its programs -- its whole philosophy, really -- around the unique 3,000 acres that encompass Sylvan Dale Ranch, we naturally think of connecting to a place, developing a personal sense for the place. We’ve seen time and again the healing that this place can bring to people, a healing that only deepens as they get to know this place more intimately.

A place -- any place -- is full of interconnected stories. The more you get to know that place and its stories, the more you can feel grounded and connected. Being in nature with intention and awareness creates a time for ourselves when we can relax, de-stress, and heal.

When you join us for a program, we hope that the endless variety of plants, birds, insects, animals, water, and rocks catch your curiosity and wonder.

We encourage all of our visitors to open themselves to nature and place. Nature and place will teach (or remind) you to be present and open, to observe, notice, and engage. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself exploring with all your senses: what do you hear? What does cottonwood bark feel like? What do different seasons smell like? What do you see? What emotions do you feel? What questions do you have? You’re developing a sense of place.

We invite you to keep an eye out for our upcoming Fall programs. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to come spend a few hours with us at Sylvan Dale Ranch and connect with this marvelous place.

Come find your horizon.

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