Native American Week Activities

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Plains Peoples with a variety of challenging, fun and informative activities including:

TOMAHAWK & KNIFE THROWING Ongoing throughout the week, lessons and practice on "sticking steel" (getting your metal implement to stay in a dead tree trunk). 

LEATHER WORKING  With step-by-step instruction, adults will create their own pair of Cheyenne-style moccasins, a medicine bag or other customized leather piece from buckskin leather. You'll be strolling around in your own comfortable pair of hand-made moccasins. You can choose to create a medicine bag, leather pouch or something else too. (Extra charge for materials.)

ARROW MAKING Shape your own arrow for a truly unique keepsake. But you have to promise not to use any of the wildlife, cows or grounds crew as targets!

NATIVE AMERICAN GAMES Play is ageless. Everyone will be laughing and screaming while learning that other cultures aren't really so different from ours! The kids will sleep better after they're tuckered out a bit playing in the same fun ways many tribes' kids have for centuries! Adults will often join in on the contagious play.

FIRE-MAKING CONTEST From gathering natural tinder and sticks to producing a spark and ember, through building and maintaining a small cook fire, guests are invited to compete in teams for this everyday necessity. Flint-n-steel and the “rubbing sticks” method are covered, as well as safety issues for children. An exciting contest shows you paid attention-- the first one to flames gets all the applause!

NATIVE AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE This language has been preserved for centuries and is ongoing throughout the week. A concentrated session gives a visual trip back through time, showing how sign language was an integral part of the frontier experience, both before and after contact.

PINE-NEEDLE TEA AND OTHER WILD EDIBLES Help us find yummy munchies on the land and learn survival skills, valuable if you were ever to get lost in the wilderness. Offer a toast to the Colorado Rockies with a hot cup of Pine-needle Tea made from fresh pine needles gathered by our helpful guests.

NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT and BUCKSKIN CRAFT FOR CHILDREN Rocks, feathers and more are found on a special hike through the woods – the children on the look-out for items they want to incorporate into their Buckskin "Story Robe." Then we sit and make a unique craft, complete with paints and beads if the artist so desires!

THE GREAT PLAINS CULTURE An introduction to the lives of the Plains Peoples. Grab a seat inside the tipi on cozy furs and learn about culture, foods, accouterments, clothing, etiquette, horses, setting up a lodge, and other unique lifeways.

WEAPONS OF THE PLAINS A timeline of survival weapons: stone implements, obsidian points, bows and arrows, knives, tomahawks, flint-lock muzzle-loading pistol, percussion cap black powder rifles, cap and ball revolver, and an early original Winchester repeater rifle.

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