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Experienced Artists

Welcome experienced painters! 


Whether you want to take your painting skills to the next level or if you are interested in learning to paint plein air, Paint Your Frame is just where you need to be too.

How do I determine if I should be in this class or the beginner class?

The experienced classes are for those who have taken the beginner class or have painting experience and want to learn about painting en plein air. 


You may ask, I haven’t painted in years (or since college) but have a rudimentary understanding of putting paint on canvas.  Yes, you are welcome to the experienced class. 


What if I have painting experience and really want to start from the beginning?
You can join the beginner plein air classes. I understand you want to start off on the right foot.  


You may be someone with your own equipment or we can provide you with everything you need. If you have your own equipment, please bring it. If you haven’t painted for a while you may want me to supply you with a complete new set of plein air painting equipment.  I get a discount price and pass on the savings to you for a complete set.  Sorry can’t pass on the savings for partial sets but can fill in your blanks at retail price.  


I work very hard to tailor your needs and want’s to make this experience fun and exciting. There is no test at the end of the class. 


The three-day experienced course is designed to complement and develop your individual style. My job is to instill and or complement your basics skills to your painting style.  Yes, you do have a painting style. I have never seen two painters with identical styles. 


Experienced courses are designed for your individual needs.
You can take as many three-day classes you can fit into your schedule. The more you participate the more your knowledge and skills benefit. 


Oil painters and acrylic artists are welcome. I do my demonstrations in oil. You may be an acrylic painter and want to switch to oils. You may be an acrylic painter who wants to stay with acrylic paints, that’s fine too. The important thing is you stick with a medium with which you are most comfortable.  


The most creative spaces I know in Colorado is Sylvan Dale ranch and its welcoming accommodations. You are going to love it.  

Can I come and stay with relatives in the area and still take the course? We are a resort destination, we partner with Sylvan Dale Ranch and use their facilities extensively. Come and stay at the ranch.  It’s wonderful, year round.   


Can I bring my significant other?  
Yes, bring him or her and have them engage in the many activities that the ranch offers.  Yes, they can just hang out and relax and do nothing.  Yes, they can check in on what we are doing.  They may even get an interest in painting and eventually join you in your passion. 


How do I get from the airport to the ranch?
Our chauffeur service will pick you up outside the terminal.  


Do we offer off-season courses?
Yes, winter is a great time to be outside painting. We will be close enough to the ranch to duck in and get warm. Some days are just too windy to go outside and the ranch offers excellent studio space. 


How do I teach the course?
I have eleven years experience teaching art. Plein air is my most favorite way to teach because nature is the best teacher. I paint the same subject matter as the student and provide individual attention to everyone.  


Do the airlines allow oil paints to be transported?
Yes, but you cannot carry liquids. I supply odorless turpentine as part of your package.  


How do I get my wet paintings home?
You can let me ship them to you or you can transport them home in a wet box that we can get locally.

George Coll is the real thing—an engaged, productive & terrific oil painter who’s a superior communicator and teacher. He brought me from beginner to prize-winner in less than two years. I’ve seen him work similar miracles with others. Hard to overestimate how much difference it makes to find a good teacher. Particularly one with a sense of humor!  I’d say, don’t miss George Coll!

—Rebecca Hill

I have been taking painting lessons from George Coll for the past seven years. It's been a great seven years! I always learn something important from each class. George's  instruction has taken me from a "beginner" to painting with complete self confidence. His knowledge and positive reinforcement gives each student the opportunity to develop at their own pace in a relaxed, fun environment.  Critique of each students work is an essential and very important part of George's teaching process. Everyone's input is encouraged and respected, providing positive reinforcement and learning moments for everyone involved. I highly recommend George to anyone at any skill level seeking to improve their painting skills. Happy painting!

Peter Jochems

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