2019 Summer Getaway Series

Experts say it takes 8 days of vacation to reach Peak Relaxation ...

this summer you can reach Peak Relaxation by dinnertime

with Heart-J Center's Saturday night getaways

Getaways begin Saturday afternoon at 3:00 and wrap-up Sunday before lunch

Each getaway will have hands-on learning activities that fit the theme,

as well as plenty of relaxation time

$99 per person includes lodging, dinner, breakfast, and retreat activities

Sylvan Dale's scenic beauty and riverside setting provide the perfect backdrop to relaxation and mindfulness. Together we'll explore a blend of yoga, movement, and mindfulness techniques that will provide you with a passport to Peak Relaxation long after you've returned home.

You and your sweetheart will find a night at Sylvan Dale to be a romantic and peaceful getaway. Guests often share that the Ranch has a certain magic, which we're pretty sure is pure LOVE. Heart-J Center is an inclusive organization -- all couples are welcome.

Sylvan Dale has a long history of strong female characters, many of whom explored the hills on horseback. We welcome mothers and daughters (or mother-figures and daughter-figures) to come spend time with the incredible horse family at Sylvan Dale. Includes a 90-minute trail ride and plenty of horse-related stories and fun. 

Suitable for any level of riding experience. Daughters aged 10 to adult.

Join Trish Murtha, Heart-J Center's Creativity Guide, to learn a fun and easy watercolor technique that you can do anywhere, while enjoying happy hour by the river. Discover how watercolor can unleash your inner wordsmith and allow you to tell your story in words and color. 

Join Chef Marcus Hollingsworth for a fun and informative fermentation class. Learn the health benefits of fermented foods and how easy it is to do your own fermenting at home. This Saturday getaway will treat you to the bounty of the kitchen garden and leave you feeling connected to food as fuel and nourished in body, mind, and spirit.

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