Fund the Future

Long-time Sylvan Dale Ranch visitor Carol Johnson has kicked off a fundraising campaign to help raise money to make up for HJC's lost COVID-related income. She says:

One thing I learned this week is that Sylvan Dale is doing GREAT this year – dude ranch vacations were sold out the entire summer and they’ve hosted more than 40 weddings already this year. It’s the busiest the Ranch has been in years!!!

But, we need Heart-J Center strong and steady as well, so it can be ready to take on the responsibility of the Ranch when the time comes.

Heart-J Center had huge plans for 2020 but COVID led to the cancellation of over 100 programs, with a loss of income of $75,000.

Let’s work together and raise that $75,000 to make up for the Heart-J Center's lost program income. Let’s show the Jessup family that we love Sylvan Dale and we believe in their vision for the future of this incredible place.

Carol has generously kicked off this campaign with a donation of $5,000, in memory of her daughter Christy. Will you help us secure the future for Heart-J Center and Sylvan Dale Ranch? Your donation is greatly appreciated!

If you'd prefer to make your donation by check, please make your check to Heart-J Center and mail to PO Box 2736, Loveland, CO 80539.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Heart-J community!

Heart-J Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
Your monthly donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Tax ID#46-4993961

Heart-J Center values your privacy. We will not share your contact information.

Creating a Path to the Future for Sylvan Dale Ranch