Heart-J Stories: Cash’s Corner

Cash's Corner: Adventures at Sylvan Dale Ranch
Join 7-year-old Cash Binkley as he explores Sylvan Dale with his dad, Silas, aka Heart-J Center's Education Program Manager. These videos are fun, informative, often hilarious, and they'll give you some vicarious adventure as Cash hikes and splashes and puts his curiosity for the natural world to work.
Please leave a comment for Cash. He'd love to know what you think! Coming soon, Cash is on the Trout Trail, showing a natural affinity for fly fishing. Subscribe on YouTube so you don't miss the fun, and tell us what other topics Cash should investigate!

Episode 1:
Cash uses his five senses to explore the Ranch in search of Signs of Spring.

Episode 2: Cash spends the day on Green Ridge searching for eagles, hawks, and falcons. He learns that birdwatching takes patience and persistence!

Episode 3: Cash hikes around Sylvan Dale looking for signs of wildlife, which often turns out to be.....well.....poop.

Episode 4: Cash and Silas (and their trusty dog, Breezy) go spring camping on Green Ridge and share tips for a fun and safe night in the woods.

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