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Serving Veterans at Sylvan Dale Ranch

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Warriors Write!

A Creativity and Wellness Retreat

for Women Veterans

Next up: July 2021

Warriors Write! serves women veterans with a blend of creativity, wellness, and recreational activities. Participants work with published authors to put thoughts and memories to paper and to discover that each story is important and each voice needs to be heard.  


This annual retreat, launched in 2018, has served 32 women veterans ranging in age from 26 to 63, and representing all branches of service. Participants find community, healing, and inspiration through the power of telling her story.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, this program is offered to veterans at no charge.

Testimonials from Warriors Write! participants - July 2019

Ashli - US Air Force (active duty)
Adrienne - US Army Veteran
Ruthie - US Navy Veteran


Next up: October 2021

SongwritingWith:Soldiers holds weekend retreats across the U.S. for veterans from all conflicts. Since 2012, SW:S has connected with hundreds of veterans and military families, creating a safe and inspiring environment to share their experiences and write songs with professional songwriters. These songs have been recorded and streamed across the internet, reaching and connecting more veterans and raising civilian awareness of the challenges the military community faces. Heart-J Center has partnered with SW:S since 2017 as the Colorado home for this powerful retreat.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, this program is offered to veterans at no charge.

The SW:S Retreat restored my faith in humanity.
~Sgt. Scott McRae, Retreat Participant

Heart-J Center's veterans programs are made possible by the Rita A. Aranow Family Fund, McKee Wellness Foundation's Blue Star Fund, and generous individuals from across the U.S. 

Sponsors are listed on the Heart J Center website, featured in program materials and signage, highlighted in press releases, and honored on social media.  

Contact Laura Armstrong, Executive Director, to explore sponsorship opportunities.

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